Horde Of Worms

by Horde Of Worms

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This is the now out of print debut album by Horde Of Worms. Released via Bloodbucket Productions om 1997.


released January 1, 1997

Bloodbucket Productions



all rights reserved


Horde Of Worms Toronto, Ontario

From the abyss of the Canadian black/grind/death metal scene comes HORDE OF WORMS. Combining a potent mixture of extreme music to create their own unique brand of metal by utilizing elements of speed, melody, texture, and mood; the songs rip caverns into the listeners' mind, soul and ears leaving them salivating for more!!

2012 Horde Of Worms celebrates 15 years of Canadian Blast Metal!! Beware!
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Track Name: Onwards Procession (Gruesome Discovery)
Onwards Procession
Gruesome Discovery
Track Name: Celestial Void
The Universe within its grasp holds

A knowledge a trillion years old


Seeking this knowledge

Has killed many before

Through the wormhole

Ancient world I explore

Thought endless astral plains

I am helplessly tossed

At the speed of light

2000 years lost (X2)


In eyes that are no longer mortal

Staring back from beyond the portal.
Track Name: Of Ice And Wind...
Crisp wintery winds

Sweep through the trees

Abolishing what is left

Living, Frozen


The crescent moon

Peers lonely, isolated

Between the wisps

Of cold night clouds


Under my feet

Incessant grinding

Of flattened snow

Alone with night


Souls cry tears

Of ice and wind

But not mine

I will fight until


Blood ceases to flow
Track Name: The Dark
The sun it sets now

For the final time

Upon frozen fields

Where the bodies lie

Feeling the night

Coarse through my veins

Shrouding me in black


Never to be seen

The cascading light

From the heavens

The angles fall burning

I stand alone

Before the gates

With blood racing

To enter its world


There is no light

There is no sun

There is just dark

In this world beyond

I have no love

I have no fear

I have just me

In this midnight ether


In this void

I endlessly fly

To punish and murder

The gods of the sky


Denied illumination

Darkness hark

Return to the beginning

Where all is dark...
Track Name: When The Forest Reigns (Desire)
Hallowed are the wise old trees

That have stood for time eternal

The desire to live is strong

Embedded in the earth, the roots


When I wandered

That fateful day

Into the forest

Past the stream

To the place

Where willows weep

In the shadows to

The unspeakable lay asleep


Twig snapped under foot

Creating the sound

That woke the thing

From its ethereal sleep


I tried

I tried to scream

But no sound came

"Be still o one wandering"

To me said the unspeakable thing

"You have suffered

Much in your past

Such things cannot harm you now

And desire is yours at last"


The song of the forest

Is now in my blood

I will carry on

For I know the secrets of the trees
Track Name: The Necromancer
I am with the air

That circles the night

Master of all I see

Disciple to none

Only the darkness

Unholiest of unholy

A necromancer of evil

Decreation of mankind

Is the spell

Which I cast


Vengeful upon those that spite

By my side lord dragon rise

Crushing mortals with my might

The lies led by christians


With darkness as my bride

Close to my soul

No emotions I feel cold

Holding contempt

For those who defy

The craft of old


I soar to the skies

Ruler of magics black

Blood pours from their eyes

As they are sentenced to my wrath
Track Name: Sacrifice
For thousands of centuries past and future

Mankind has worshipped preyed and remorsed

Many gods that idly rule the sun and the moon

Knelt before alters and sheep are benign


Divine perversion

God hath chosen

Your maiden daughter

For the sacrifice


Into the flames of heaven

Her body is cast breathing

Maybe a dagger of steel

Plunged into her chest



God has lied sentenced to die


Feel the pain of those who have died


God had lied sentenced to die


You think God, God is a saint


Prepare to die

For the lord of lies
Track Name: Abra Cadaver
Locked away

In a darkened room


Of a cruel demise


Working magic

Thinkest he

Planning fates hand

For the ones he will see


She's disappeared

They all say

He laughs hysterically

As he bonds her tight

Out with the scalpel blade

She screams in fear

Off with her tongue

And next her ear

Out with her eyes

Off with her breast

End at virgins cunt

The part magicians like best


Once their dead

He brings them back

Without the head

In a blood-soaked sack
Track Name: Dead