Dreams And Dying Eyes

by Horde Of Worms

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The second full length album by Horde Of Worms. Released by Bloodbucket Productions in 1999.


released January 1, 1999



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Horde Of Worms Toronto, Ontario

From the abyss of the Canadian black/grind/death metal scene comes HORDE OF WORMS. Combining a potent mixture of extreme music to create their own unique brand of metal by utilizing elements of speed, melody, texture, and mood; the songs rip caverns into the listeners' mind, soul and ears leaving them salivating for more!!

2012 Horde Of Worms celebrates 15 years of Canadian Blast Metal!! Beware!
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Track Name: Dreams And Dying Eyes
Glazed, serene yet vividly alive

These eyes that stare forever blind

Knowing, all knowledge kept inside

Is mine ten fold, yours never to find


Upon midnight thunderheads roar

Dreamscapes reveal themselves once more

To the one who lies most still

Ruler of ones spiritual will


Staring peering through the veil

Smells of sweetness, bitterly stale

Dreaming open eyes so pale


“Words never spoken”

“Music never heard”

“Silence never broken”


When the dreams of the dead fall on waking eyes…

* Note: The words in quotations were part of the original lyrics, now unused*